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Hope Sasha Beattie


Sasha Beattie

Published October 8th 2011
ISBN : 9780980864229
288 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

From thirteen Australian writers comes a collection of original speculative fiction short stories that will take you from the great unknown of our own planet, to the stars, and beyond to mystical fantasy worlds. These stories of hope include High Tide at Hot Water Beach (Paul Haines), Burned in the Black (Janette Dalgliesh), The Haunted Earth (Sean Williams), Eliot (Benjamin Solah), Boundaries (Karen Lee Field), The Encounter (Sasha Beattie), The God on the Mountain (Graham Storrs), Deployment (Craig Hull), Flowers in the Shadow of the Garden (Joanne Anderton), Blinded (Jodi Cleghorn), The Choosing (Rowena Cory Daniells), Duty and Sacrifice (Alan Baxter) and A Moment, A Day, A Year... (Pamela Freeman).These brilliantly crafted stories, combined with essays donated by Beyondblue and Dr Myfanwy Maple and Mr Warren Bartik, from the University of New England, are accompanied by short snippets of information on suicide.Did you know approximately one million people die by suicide each year worldwide?Suicide happens on a daily basis. It can affect you. Are you suicide aware?Everything in this anthology is donated by Australians to help raise awareness. All profits donated to suicide awareness.